Truth Proof
Paul Sinclair, Bridlington,
East Yorks

    Truth Proof  


       the website of Paul Sinclair, researcher and author of the Truth Proof books

Welcome to Truth Proof, a new exciting site sharing what is inexplicable, curious, paranormal or just plain spooky in the north and east of Yorkshire... And sometimes we find ourselves a bit further afield..

Paul Sinclair is recognised within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in.

Gathering information as close as possible to the point of origin has to be the goal of anyone serious about finding answers to mysteries that have so far evaded mankind. This approach takes sheer hard work and dedication, something that cannot be done from behind a keyboard. For that reason, all of the information contained within Truth Proof is original.

Peter Davenport, Director of THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER writes:

"At your invitation, I visited your website, and it is impressive! It is very well laid out, and very easy to navigate, so that a person can spend the bulk of his time absorbing important information, rather than struggling with how to navigate the site.

Moving around your site, and accessing cases is a very pleasant process, indeed."

To see the supreme UFO database, consisting of thousands of records going back to 1400, visit the National UFO Reporting Center.